Bucks County’s history dates back to 1682 and has been the site of  historical events (Washington crossing the Delaware), the home of literary and musical notables (James Michener, Oscar Hammerstein, Pearl S. Buck, Margaret Mead) and the final resting place for veterans as far back as the Revolutionary War. Its travel through history took place on canals and towpaths stretching 60 miles, covered bridges and even an underground railroad; examples of which still exist. Encore Rides provides a unique way to experience the sites, history and tastes of Bucks County by offering guided bike tours that combine access to these venues. In addition to pre-established rides, we can help design a tour that meets your interests and biking experience. Rides will be leisurely paced, cover approximately 10-20 miles with minimal hills on primarily low traffic roads, towpaths and bike trails. Learn more about our tours…

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